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who's talking here?

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Victoria1 --- 12 years ago -

lol@this is no ones converns...u made it everyones business by posting this crappy thread! 

Hyperbole --- 12 years ago -

*Blinks* I don't even have a response to you Reeses. I didn't even share half of your "bizness," but I digress. You are the one that has to live with your lies. While you live in your little make believe world I will stay right here in reality. Funny how the typing/writing is all of a sudden resembling a certain bitter woman who has done nothing but spew filth. Thanks to you, Smiley, and JustJack's keen eye I think I am putting two and two together. And if I find out this is SxxxyKarrie posing as someone else? Step aside. 

Sweet --- 12 years ago -

i just cant understand what shes complaining about brooke ur cake is beautiful and very decorative its nice to see everyone ( or almost everyone getting along lol) great job on the cake and what a hell of a price what do u normalycharge for a cake like this 

TexasChild~2 --- 12 years ago -

I think it is an AWESOME cake!! & While I don't know much about cake pricing, I do know that in order to feed 75 people(I don't think I have EVER been to a 1st B~Day party w/ 75 people...but that's just me) just a stupidly simple Happy Birthday(sorry your mom is a dumbass)cake would cost more than 50 bucks!! Brooke EVERYONE but this twit knows what that cake is worth, I would NOT worry about it or give it anymore thought. Ps. It's a FREAKIN purty cake, I just keep lookin at it!! 

Samantha --- 12 years ago -

I do want to mention for clarification, that the cake pictured was not done by Brooke. It's a picture the original poster wanted to be recreated for practically free! 

abbyg --- 12 years ago -

If you are having 75 people come to your 1 year olds party Reeses, why would you expect to pay anything less??? Especially for a cake anything similar to what you posted? Do the math Reeses....If they each get a piece of that cake it is less than 67 cents a person...Even 7-11's sell their frozen cake for 99 cents per slice...Or hell, go to walmart and ask them what they would charge for a cake like that...It would run a similar price to one of their wedding cakes. You are absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention you are the one who sought her out, and asked for something under 60...right? And, you also made a comment in another thread about Brooke not really knowing if someone is in need...So maybe you aren't in need...Just trying to rip someone you yourself suggested. 

Sharon --- 12 years ago -

Brooke- wow, is all I can say. Reeses- get out of here, there is no place for you here. I would never have expected you to give such a good deal to someone who has such a sob story. First off, when our hubby's are deployed, it is time to put on our big girl panties and take charge of our lives. Don't use your hubby being deployed to manipulate people. Also, where is all that extra money he makes when deployed. You should never expect something for nothing and take advantage of someone trying to do you a favor. At first glance, I would have expected to pay over 100 for that cake. For Brooke to even suggest 50 says a whole lot about her and you want to bash her. Shame on you. I do agree it does sound alot like the last person to attack her. Somehow someway one of you will figure out who she is and put her on blast!!! Cant wait for her response then. 

mary --- 12 years ago -

That is a beautiful cake!!! What is wrong with you !!! For 50 dollars you got a bargain !!! 

Mollie --- 12 years ago -

50 bucks for a cake like this is a WONDERFUL deal wow i would love to have a cake like this for my sons 1st birthday.. And i might possibly Wow most cakes like this are like 150 not just 50 but yea whatever floats your boat.. And its pretty funny about the coolaid thing cuz you can buy packets of coolaid for 10cents a pack or go the route of buying one that makes alot in one container for about 3 bucks.. But no really this cake really is beautiful. 

ashley --- 12 years ago -

I think this cake is beautiful. It is a work of art. to the artist your crazy to sell for 50. but very kind to offer it to the buyer for 50. buyer to complain for a 50 dollar cake that should be sold for more you should be a shamed of yourself. The artist of the cake even said she was doing a favor cause you said you were broke cause your husband was deployed well news flash dont have a party. I am sorry but you just must be stupid an artist who makes cakes like that usually charge way more u got to think about what goes into making the cake and then the time and all the pretty things they put on it.. all I can say to the artist is ill buy a cake like that for 50 and its not cause i am rich and i have the money its cause if i was offerd a cake like that for 50 everybody and anybody in the right mind knows that was wroth it.. 

Worst nightmare --- 12 years ago -

momma2many --- 12 years ago -

wow I would consider a topsy curvy cake a carved cake and from most cake places that would be a minimum of $5 a serving. that would make this cake cost at least $375. for my daughters birthday I wanted a fondant cake and I could not afford the money to pay for one so I made it myself and just to let you know it still cost me $60 to make. fondant is not cheap 

jlgg --- 5 years ago -

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