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I joined this crazy place on 2009-05-19, 10 years ago.

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Anyone seen my car? - 9 years ago

Well they found the car early this morning after a police chase and the gang members were arrested. Thanks for everyone who looked around.

Anyone seen my car? - 9 years ago

Anyone seen a Blue Kia Rondo with Ilovesillyardsales on the back windshield. It was stolen this morning here in Lawton and the police are still looking for it. If you see it parked somewhere would you...

need a good pediatrion - 9 years ago

I agree about solitario. I try to avoid her as well. She is very sweet though, she just didn't work well for our family.

need a good pediatrion - 9 years ago

I like Dr. Legako who is in the same office as Stilick. I think anyone in that office is great. I have never had any trouble getting an appoointment and they have a doctor on call for questions in the...

Electric Bill??? - 9 years ago

Did any one else have a credit on their bill for one of the line items? I am hoping it is not a typo.

does this happen to you? - 9 years ago

I have had people arguing with me over prices lately. They aren't interested in buying they just don't like the price. Don't understand this either.

Electric Bill??? - 9 years ago

In the summer it is around 140 but I keep my house more like 76 / 77. I hope this helps.

What do you do??? - 9 years ago

I agree with whitney. Contact them and let them know what you have discovered. Hopefully you will get your money back. If not then I wouldn't buy from them again. I am sorry that you got a broken item...

Spiders - 9 years ago

Thank you so much I will look into that!

Chiropracter? - 9 years ago

I have gone lots of times but not recently. With insurance it was 25 for each visit. I went to Philips Chiropractic. He did a great job when I had whiplash. Hope this helps.

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