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Reality Sinks In

I joined this crazy place on 2009-10-06, 13 years ago.

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Reality is a part of everyday life yet some forget it exists and need to be reminded.....

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So I just had to say it - 12 years ago

Much agreed GG. They probably don't go to the organizations because they know they won't get help because they don't qualify. If it was me, I'd try family before I posted to the public I was poverty s...

Re:Seriously! - 12 years ago

Do you know why every single one of you say you won't hold items including the ones bashing Shelly? It is because of people who tell you they want something and they're on their way and somehow, somew...

Things back for sale.. Stupid NO SHOWS!! - 12 years ago

Yeah kinda like Lisa pretends to know it all. Gottcha

Things back for sale.. Stupid NO SHOWS!! - 12 years ago

The underground is a place to express opinions and everyone has a right to them even if you don't agree. Molly got attitude right off the start because everyone is tired of her whiney little butt ...

Things back for sale.. Stupid NO SHOWS!! - 12 years ago

I didn't see any hate Sweet til Mollie commented back to the post. It was just a common sense statement which I do believe to be true. When you start a discussion, I don't see a box that says stuff fo...

Hypocrites - 12 years ago

We all agree with someone at one time or another. Doesn't make you right all the time Amber.

You just DONT SELL some things - 12 years ago

That is so not true ladies. BUT let's say for a second that it is. It doesn't stop anyone from taking panties home and trying them on, taking them back to be exchanged. Why can't you bleach underwea...

Hypocrites - 12 years ago

Here we go again..

You just DONT SELL some things - 12 years ago

Ummm yeah. That's why there's dressing rooms. Everything gets tried on..bathing suits, panties, bras. And if they don't try them on at the stores, they take them home, open the packages, and take them...

Hypocrites - 12 years ago

Take it slow and stay on topic Amber. You can do it.

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