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I joined this crazy place on 2009-11-09, 9 years ago.

» save mommyof2 as my FRIEND - HOSER

i'm a proud mother to 2 wonderful kids and an even prouder army wife!!! my husband is one of the best soldiers i know and i can say that since i'm in the army too!!! lol. i love drama but only when it's not about me...if i get caught up in drama, i try hard to pull myself out of!

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Lookin for Someone - 8 years ago

lol and because i have a little girl who would be adorable in tutu's and pillowcase dresses! haha

Lookin for Someone - 8 years ago

we are moving in 2 weeks or that would be awesome...i'd love to learn how to make them so i could start bringing in extra income!

mollie??? - 8 years ago

i know...the first week we were here i saw a mouse! imo, they should have never built the houses right here...not only is the pool next door, but a field is behind the house, and then the wooded area ...

mollie??? - 8 years ago

ugh, i hate bugs. we live right next to the geronimo pool onpost and have bugs all the time. we found out like a week before we moved in that the previous owners had let it get so bad that they had to...

mollie??? - 8 years ago

i was going to see her other posts, being nosy and all (haha) and when i clicked her name, it said the account had been obliterated... i didn't mind her, her questions, or any of her posts, but i thou...

Moving To Oklahoma Soon!!! - 8 years ago

blech...sorry, i don't like it here! lol...where in virginia were you? we moved here 18 months ago from fort hubbies family are all from the richmond area, so i looooved it!

Good Churches? - 8 years ago

lawton first also has young adult services on thursday nights. that works best for my family, since my husband likes to sleep in on his weekends. they have services in the main building on wednesday n...

Ice Cream - 8 years ago

i saw him yesterday! not in time, of course, but i'm hoping he comes by again today. my son had surgery this morning, so he deserves a treat!

Ice Cream - 8 years ago

oooh i can't wait!!! lol...i'm a sucker for icecream...

Ice Cream - 8 years ago

the ice cream man comes onpost? sweet! lol i'll be keeping an eye out for him!!! my son and i love the frozen lemon ice!!!

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