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I move to Fort Sill..

who's talking here?

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Mollie --- 14 years ago -

im going to be there on December 5th.. WHOO HOO.. no more fort hood 

amber --- 14 years ago -


gariann --- 14 years ago -

I have been in Lawton for almost two years now but was at ft hood 3 years i agree i love it here much better. Ft hood was too much drama for me lol. 

esteban --- 13 years ago -

I have been here at the sill area for bout 4 year on and off it started off alright but things r getting stupid here I rather go to a place that is at least fun for myself n the kids. I might be gone to deployments but at least that is less stressful the the nonsense I have to deal with day to day. I am glad I get to move back to ft hood. 

Alyson --- 12 years ago -

About Fort Hood being too much drama. . .Trust me when I say that it isn't where you are, but who you are around. There's plenty of drama around here with Army wives. Most of the ones that I've known are wonderful women, but there have been a few that were the worst of the worst. 

LoveMYLife --- 12 years ago -

I agree with Alyson. 110% 

ashley --- 12 years ago -

Girl I came from ft. hood a year ago and it's better then this place... 

a2826452uu --- 12 years ago -

Please don't get too excited about being here!! lol it isn't that great i am happy to be leaving here in august. There is seriously not a lot in this town 

Alisha --- 12 years ago -

My family just got here Feb 20. We came from Germany. You just have to be careful who you hang around, what you hear, and how you interpret it. I'm orginially from Louisiana, so this is almost like home. I'm LOVING it here. We have 2 boys ages 4 and 1. We are in Geronimo. 

FELICIA --- 12 years ago -

I lived here all my life till I met my husband n we got stationed a leavenworth Kansas wanna talk about nothing around that the place u have to drive 45 min to do something here it's 5 to 20 min for people n people r really rude n Kansas not to bad here it is the people u hang around there's even some girls that try to start drama n attack u to pass the time by while their husbands r oversees it's just immature just don't get to close to people I've noticed till u really see who they are good luck! 

jlgg --- 7 years ago -

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