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JOLENA --- 14 years ago -

Does anyone know someone who is an affordable photographer either professional or not? I am trying to find someone to take our family photos outdoors on Fort Sill. I just want them taken for Christmas Card photos so I'm looking at the most affordable way of accomplishing this. Thanks :) 

Samantha --- 14 years ago -

I believe Xenin on bookoo does outdoor photos! the pics on her website are gorgeous and i hear she is very affordable! 

heather --- 14 years ago - She takes really good pictures. Not for sure on her prices. Her name is Amber. Hope this helps! She lives in Indiahoma 

Annetastic --- 14 years ago -

The best in Lawton is Freeze Frame Photography by Anna Roberts. She's done my pictures for over a year and a half and she's always fair on price and has great quality pictures. Her number is 580-919-2442. You can find her webpage at or her myspace 

JOLENA --- 14 years ago -

Thank you all very much. 

Abs --- 14 years ago -

who did you decide to use Jolena? 

JOLENA --- 14 years ago -

I've contacted a couple of the ones listed above. Just waiting on responses. I'll let you guys know how it goes :) 

Abs --- 14 years ago -

Thanks Jolene! My fiance and myself need to get our engagement pictures done pretty quickly. I look forward to your hearing your thoughts. 

Krystal --- 14 years ago -

I take pictures.... Its a new website, I need to add some more pictures but theres enough to give you a basic idea. If your interested email me. 

The other profile --- 14 years ago -

I need to get family and kids photos done.... 

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