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Princess --- 9 years ago -

I had Semper Fi contracting remodel my bathroom for me~ like new tiling and stuff~ and the owner Martin did such a really good job!!! He built a garage workshp type building for my friend in Elgin and that was real good too. I would recommend him. This man guarantees his work and makes sure it is what you wanted. He even did everything abnd bought all the materials before he charged me a dime. he takes the money when you are pleased with the work. At least in my case. He says he does anything. I say call the guy cause he is good. And he is licensed and has insurance and shows it to you and gives a # to call and confirm but he does big and little work, like handyman stuff. 

JustJack --- 9 years ago -

Looks like you already knew what was going on Princess!! But glad you checked his insurance and license. Now if you have any problems in the future you know if he doesn't cover it, his insurance will! Did you get a copy too? 

Princess --- 9 years ago -

ya. He gave it to me. I didnt even have to ask. He is a pretty good guy! Did real good work and his price was rite. We had one problem with a seal, which wasnt his fault even, but he came out and fixe dit out of his pocket. Even we know he spent extra money from his pocket to replace the item he bought new that was just whats the word...not good. I cant think of the word. Invalid? Whatever. Anyways, I tell people to use him. He is honest, fair, and does good work. He will get to you asap in an emergency but keep in mind he is a busy man! 

JustJack --- 8 years ago -

Thanks for the information, Princess;I will keep this in mind in the future. I have heard a few things about this company/guy. Now I do have one said he was a busy man. Did you have a long wait period because of this? 

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