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Needing Construction Workers and/or Handy-Repair Men.

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Martin --- 12 years ago -

No anyone looking for work? I am currently hiring part-time, potentially full-time, workers. Please refer to my add below. Semper Fi Contracting and Construction is looking for temporary, possibly permanent, workers. Due to the ice storm I have numerous orders to complete and want to insure my clientele prompt service. Current work order include tree service/cleanup, fence repair, home facial repair, roofing, electrical and more... in addition to my normal work load. Requirements for this position include: You must have a drivers license/vehicle or at least transportation to job sites as you might visit multiple job sites in a day. Ownership of some tools- this will include a chainsaw due to the amount of tree services that are needed within the next month. If interested please email me ( with your experience, if any, references, and salary requirements.  

Princess --- 12 years ago -

Hi Martin! You def need help. Your a busy man. I'll be caling you again for sure! everyone this is the guy I was talking about. He is waaaay good! 

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