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who's talking here?

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Jackie --- 9 years ago -

Does anyone know a trustworthy mechanic in the area? I went to Firestone on post and it was a terrible experience.  

Brandy --- 9 years ago -

I went to a mechanic while my husband was deployed a couple years ago and the company took way advantage of a female trying to get something fixed on a car. They talked to me like I was an idiot and try to get me to buy their parts when it was cheaper to buy my own parts and have them put them on. Good thing I am a mechanic's wife and know the difference and how to call autozone. 

Sharon --- 9 years ago -

If you go to Autozone they have a thing they can hook up to your car and diagnose depending on what it is. Then at least you have an idea before you take it in. I used the Pontiac dealer when hubby was gone and they were great but the dealers are more expensive. Just dont let anyone do things that are not essential. When I went in for an oil change the guy told me I needed a cabin air filter for 70+ and I said is it necessary for my car to run and he said no. I ended up getting one for 20 bucks and found someone to put it in for me. It did make a difference in my heat and air(only that it filters the air and makes it not smell musty). Point being, I saved myself 50 bucks by asking if it was really necessary and what it would do without it. I always used Firestone in Minnesota and loved them, but it does make a difference in management and staff just like anywhere you go. I would suggest take a male with you any time you go in somewhere if you are not sure what is going on. They tend to be more honest with men thinking they cant pull the wool over on them. If you have a neighbor or anyone that could go with you or meet you there even. Big favor to ask someone but so worth it. Good Luck, sorry I cant offer better help 

The other profile --- 9 years ago -

There an old man behind the sonic on sheridan he runs his own shop.... he has NEVER tried to rip me off even when I go alone For example once I though my brakes where going out he took off all four of my tires rotated them aired one up and said nope brakes are fine... he only charged me to rotate my tires 

MaryJane --- 9 years ago -

Call Martin, he's really good and he'll come to you. He got his company now and the name is Semper Fi Contractring. 

Princess --- 9 years ago -

Ya i used Martin too. Recently I used hgim for construction but he does cars too. He is a honest guy and does good work at a reasonable rate. the # I got is 580*704*8037. martin is the guys name. 

JustJack --- 8 years ago -

Who did you end up using and how did they work out for you? I prefer to stay on top of who offers great customer service, who does the job well, etc. Who knows when I need to hire someone or my friends/family need to hire someone! 

Amber --- 8 years ago -

My altenator went out at auto zone and it was an auto zone part how fitting. But I had to have my car towed and they took it to Crows on cache and they did an very good job and it would have been out that night if I wouldnt have had to wait 3 freaking hours for stans wrecker to come and get me. If you have to use a towing service i suggest priest brothers. But I highly suggest Crows. 

Jackie --- 8 years ago -

I used Martin. He did it that night and at a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend him. 

Travis --- 8 years ago -

Crow's is great Hibdons across from crows is also great them guys there really know their stuff price might be a little high but they know their stuff i also like to work on cars on the side so if you have any questions or need small work done let me know i will let you know if i can or can't do it 

shannon --- 8 years ago -

My husband is a mechanic and does on the the side of the army for extra income, he is real good and is very reasonably priced. if you dont find anyone message me and we can go from there. 

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