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Thank You from Semper Fi Contracting and Construction!

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Martin --- 8 years ago -

I just wanted to thank all of you bookoo users who have not only utilized Semper Fi Contracting and Construction, but also to those of you who have recommended me or have forwarded my information to your friends and/or family. I take great pride in my work and my goal is to always give you the best price possible. To see that my work is appreciated and praised by you all to the point of recommendations flatters me more than I can express. So thank you to all of my past, present, and future customers. Know that I am here to help you no matter how big or how small your project may be. Martin Secoy 580-704-8037 

JustJack --- 8 years ago -

I've heard mighty good things about you partner. You represent the Corps well. 

GrandBooBaa --- 8 years ago -

You build sheds Martin? im gonna give my husb your # and have hi call. His name is Mark. 

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