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Wrecked CJ7- Repairs Possible

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JustJack --- 8 years ago -

Hey! Saw an ad on SYS for a 1985 CJ7 Jeep. Wrecked in the left front. Person posting has said possible repair. I have always wanted a CJ7 but admit I am not the mechanical type. I guess the motor is running is probably the axles or some talk. Anywho, does anyone know how much repairs to a CJ7 run? Or someone locally works on them? It is posted at $3200 obo. Figured I could maybe offer $2,750 and if I sunk another $3,000 or so in it i'd be okay. Any men or mechanics on here have any thoughts on that? 

shannon --- 8 years ago -

my husband is a jeep person and would probably be able to repair it for the cost of the parts and not very much for labor, ive never seen him unable to repair anything on a jeep, anyways if interested just send me a message on bookoo we are the ones with the 1977 jeep Cherokee for sale 

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