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Brazilian wax location?

who's talking here?

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ShayBaby --- 9 years ago -

Ok so I know some people think I'm crazy whatever lol it's what I do, but I have been unable to find anyone that does Brazilian waxes in Lawton, so I'm asking here because I have asked the women I know here and well they don't wax. I was going to a place in the Falls but well to be honest the woman burned me and I refuse to go back. I'd also like to avoid driving to Altus or OKC so I'm hoping someone on here knows of someone that does it in Lawton that is professional.  

Mollie --- 9 years ago -

Dont know where there is a place exactly but my friend she gets hers done I will ask her I've never asked spacificly cuz I couldnt do it either way lol so I will ask for you and message it to you :D.. Cuz im not exacly sure.. And all i can say is OWW lol.. but like you said its your thing lol.. :D 

ShayBaby --- 9 years ago -

That would be awesome! Thank you so much! 

d --- 9 years ago -

Try calling Lawton nail and spa on cache rd. they have a list of all their waxing services, but I am not quite sure if brazilian is one of them. 

ShayBaby --- 9 years ago -

Hmmm do you mean the La Ton nail and spa? I googled Lawton nail and spa but found several on cache do you happen to have the number for the place your talking about? Thanks so much! 

Leah --- 9 years ago -

All about you says they do total body waxing in their add in the phone book. Lawton Nail and Spa is 669 3888, I don't know if they do it, I just found their number. There is also this place I ride by all the time that says Brazilian all huge on the sign, I just don't remember where it is, I'll let you know if I find it again :) 

Mollie --- 9 years ago -

thats the one im thinking of Leah.. i've been trying to find out lol 

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