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anyone want to help me open a Computer Shop off post

who's talking here?

Pr3c!05@ 1
Bologna 1
Franklin 2
Worst nightmare 1

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Franklin --- 12 years ago -

Hello my name is Frank King and I am a skilled computer repair tech and wanting to open a shop off post and wondering if anyone here would like to be partners in this business 

Worst nightmare --- 12 years ago -

Bologna --- 12 years ago -

I hear the word scam... 

Pr3c!05@ --- 12 years ago -

Hmmmm...We've heard harrassing and stalking stories about you Franklin, don't think anyone on here would want to parter up with you. 

Franklin --- 12 years ago -

not a scam and as far as the harassing and stalking crap thats exactly what it is a load of crap from a jealous competator 

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