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Old Tricks

who's talking here?

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Bologna --- 8 years ago -

Ms. Lindsey Taylor is flipping tricks again! Bookoo user name is lookmeup. She's got a female chi pup on bookoo...BEWARE Bookooians! 

Danniella --- 8 years ago -

I don't understand why people keep posting puppies. And not for adoption but for lots of money. It's pretty obvious that they are prohibited when you read the rules. Drives me crazy. 

Bologna --- 8 years ago -

Unfortunately it not something that is likely to change. Lindsey Taylor is about more than just selling a puppy since technically she's not the one who bred the pup. AND we've all heard how it's acceptable for one to place a puppy they bought up for sale on bookoo which makes no sense in my opinion. So technically according to you, she is perfectly fine to have placed her puppy that she's flipping for sale on bookoo. 

Danniella --- 8 years ago -

According to me she's not fine, if it's a continual thing. That's just retarded. It makes it bad for people who are doing it right. 

Bologna --- 8 years ago -

Doing it right??? Being irresponsible is not right. And it's very irresponsible to get a puppy and then get rid of it like yesterdays trash. Even if it's not a continual thing. A puppy is a puppy no matter what and no one should be excluded. There should be only one set of rules for EVERYONE to follow. 

meme --- 8 years ago -

yes i know what you mean ....... my next door neighbors got ETS orders and left their 3 dogs in the back yard to die. I could not stand the yelping and the city councle passed a law that if anyone feeds the even one time they own them .......i had no recourse but to call the city pound and have them removed from the abandonded property. 

Danniella --- 8 years ago -

Well I'm not going to jump all over someone who has a puppy that doesn't get along with other dogs in the house, or who is too rough with the kids, or that they found and are trying to find a home for. But I agree everyone should have to follow the same rules. I totally agree.
It makes me sick when people treat their dogs like trash. Sadly the pound won't always come pick them up unless it's been over a week too. By then what happens to the dogs in the meantime if noone can feed them? Seriously. Wow. 

Bologna --- 8 years ago -

You should be in politics, a senator or something. I've never heard such contradictory BS in my entire life. 

MaryJane --- 8 years ago -

Sarah Palin comes to mind... 

Bologna --- 8 years ago -

:) Glad I'm not the only one that thinks so. 

Danniella --- 8 years ago -

Yeah, it didn't come out the way I meant, and unfortunately I have no idea how to delete after I posted. :( 

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