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You know whats really annoying?

who's talking here?

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Leslie --- 9 years ago -

The fact that people from bookoo go on CL to post there items and put a $1 next to it just to get you to look at their items. Are times really that hard that you have to be immature and play games just to get people to look at your items. If the price is $10 then put $10 on the description and not $1 its deceitful and annoying!!!

It really is? 

Leslie --- 9 years ago -

You know what I hate even more than that when people beg and beg you for days to hold on to it because they dont have any money and they make you a really really low offer and you accept because you feel bad for them and want to help out and maybe even offer them stuff free; but they dont show up even after the 3rd time you reschedule with them. 

solider4life --- 9 years ago -

What is cl stand for just wondering. 

Leslie --- 9 years ago -


mandy --- 9 years ago -

Thank you i've never been on there 

Leslie --- 9 years ago -

What are you thanking me for army wife for life. I was answering a question for soldier4life.. Sounds like your the same person and these accounts are both yours if they are then I guess you are welcome but if they are not then I dont know why your thanking 

FELICIA --- 9 years ago -

Maybe she was about to ask the same thing n said thank u to be polite. 

Timekillshearts --- 9 years ago -

What is with all thease old threads being bumped up all of a sudden?? 

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