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New flipper to watch for.

who's talking here?

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Bologna --- 8 years ago -

name is Brandon from Lawton. Currently has a female chihuahua for sale when a couple days ago had a wanted ad up. Now mysteriously selling bc he's moving. Also has ferret cage and fish tank for sale. Ph. 940-636-0256 his email is wifes email is Seriously doubt anyone looks for a dog and a couple days later has to sell due to moving. I bet they didn't pay 200 for a 7 month old dog either. 

Tonya M --- 8 years ago -

I am so glad that you posted this. Not only is Brandon most likely a flipper but he's a creep as well. I am trying to find a home for a couple Chi puppies and he was trying to get one out of me for free. We were only asking a small rehoming fee to keep the flippers away but it did't stop him. He emailed me for 2 days asking question after question, most of which I had already answered. The most disturbing part is that he was more interested in where I lived and not the dog. He said he needed a playmate for his puppy but now I see the puppy is up for sale on here. Please be careful of this guy. I had to ask him to stop emailing me and he wouldn't, not until I told him to deal with my husband instead....MAJOR CREEP!!!! 

DrinksWoman --- 8 years ago -

I have delt with him as well. I was questioning about the tank and the ferrets. I found him to be rude and creepy as well. I seen he had bought the tank on here and then tried to sell it. The ferrets I had asked if I could only get one and the cage he said they had to go together next thing I know he sold the female and all the supplies and still had the male with nothing to go with him. Then when he found out I had a Sibiran Husky he was tring to get my address from me to come make an offer. Didnt matter how many times I told him she was not for sale. We inherited her from my father in law when he died and my children and husband loved her too much to let her go. I was beginning to wonder if he would have come her to steal her. 

shannon --- 8 years ago -

He is back at it. Now he has 2 pug puppies. 

a1816343uu --- 8 years ago -

you people wood make great witch hunters just rember thus you judging in the end you will be judged have a great day o ps all this fliping and puppy milles are coming to a end this year and you all will have to find other thangs for you to stick you`r nozey nozes in have a marry crist muss the grinch have a nice day on this happer vally pta forum lol 

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