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Are you about to PCS to GERMANY?

who's talking here?

kmcer 1

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kmcer --- 8 years ago -

Hello all! When you first find out that you will PCS to Germany, one of the first questions you will probably ask yourself is "will I be able to drive there?" - The answer is YES, but you will have to take the official Germany USAREUR (US Army Europe) driving test.

We created to help you pass your German USAREUR driver license exam the FIRST time you take it. We have taken our content straight from the official study material, so all you need to know is in one place. We hope that you find this site useful in assisting you to pass your test the first time you take it.

We recognize that this site may not be for everyone here, but please pass the word around to anyone you know who is about to take their test! The site is absolutely FREE for everyone. The test is notoriously hard, and military officials recommend you set aside at least 12 hours for study. With the help of our site, you can cut that time down and spend more time doing things you actually WANT to do ;)

You don't have to wait to take the test until you get to Germany - in many places you can also take the test state-side, so now is as good a time to start practicing as any! 

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