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military posts

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meme --- 8 years ago -

You would think that with all the military dependents complaining about schools and things for their children to do that the powers to be would hear all this by now and build their own k-12 schools and reck centers that cater to the children of the appropriate age levels on all military bases.
Build enough housing for all military active duty to reside on post and utilize the post exchange. Seems to me that they have only thought of the upper class recreational sports by providing the best golf courses on all posts not to mention all the work out gyms. Another thing , the movies should be current instead of outdayed. They have the money to compete with any of the movie theaters down town but choose not to............Bring up some of these sugguestions at your town hall meetings would probally do wonders and nothing is ever done with just one voice. 

Sharon --- 8 years ago -

First off, this would be a great issue for the Army Family Action Plan. AFAP has made some great strides and made lots of things possible at low or no cost for many things here on post(pools free in summer is just one, and they are not free only to residents, they are free to any ID holder).
These things cost a lot of money. To provide its own schools for all military children would cost way too much when we have school disticts here that we utilize and that count on the people living in their areas to sustain them.
Housing on post for all military that need them? How could that happen? There is no possible way to not have people live in town, not to mention what that would to to the economies in the towns outside our military posts. Alot of the towns outside our military posts thrive on the people that live, eat and shop in the communities. Taking that away from the towns or making the military posts completely self sustainable would segregate military families from civilian, I see no positive in that.
The PX here is not equipped to handle servicing all military families that work on Ft Sill. We would need a mall much bigger than the one in town if it was our only option. I like options of different stores to shop in and would never solely use one store.
Movie Theater offers low cost movies which is why they are older. I actually like it that way because I dont have to rush out and see a movie when it is so crowded in town and I can catch it if I missed it in town.
Golfing is not an upper class sport. The golf course here is quite affordable for anyone. It is not specific to rank, anyone can go. My children have golfed that course several times. The gyms are necessary both for Soldier and family fitness. that is not an upper class sport or recreation either.
The rec center for the Youth is wonderful, my son loves going there and has met many new friends by attending. They provide different activities and some of them are free. they also do things like lock ins and field trips sometimes at a cost, but not outrageous.
There are things to do here, you just need to know how to find them. Not everything is free, but should it be? think of how much some things cost and then look at what we pay for some similar things.

Not trying to be confrontational or opinionated, so please dont take it that way, just throwing in my 2 cents. 

meme --- 8 years ago -

exactly sharon i rest my case but when some one asks about the town almost all negative is put out and nothing as you say thank you. People are bored because they want to be............I will not speak again on the matter. 

Sharon --- 8 years ago -

If your ever looking for things offered on post, go to
They post stuff and fliers about things happening all the time. Lots to do. There is also the bowling alley, family night is Tuesday, I think 25 bucks for pizza, pop and bowling. Not bad especially for a larger family. 

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