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Okay I am a sucker

who's talking here?

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DrinksWoman --- 8 years ago -

I bought a cell phone and the place where the sim card goes in is bad and dont work. My bad should have check it right. Buy another one woman is awesome phone works great no complaints. Takes me 3 weeks to finally get another one from someone else and it wont hold a charge. Why so many phone you ask...Have 4 teens trying to get them phones for christmas and if the 18 year olsd breaks another one i am gonna kill him. Okay that is my venting 

a1816343uu --- 8 years ago -

yep i have found you get what you pay for and buy the time you pay for a repair new was cheeper just saying 

Leslie --- 8 years ago -

You should probably just ask them to show you it works before you buy it and pick up at their house. If you have a problem with their item you can go back. They cant ignore you if you know where they live, but if you meet them somewhere and only have their number then they will most likely get away with it. 

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