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Wichita Furniture

who's talking here?

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Proud Army Wife --- 8 years ago -

Stay away from this so called company, they are a rip off and are so nasty. They threatened my husband with a law suit because we PCSed and took the furniture we are paying on! 

AbbyLee --- 8 years ago -

HA! They did the exact same thing to my husband...they spewed a bunch of crap about him leaving with their furniture. He told them to come to korea and get their furniture and we have never missed a payment. They are a rip off and need to be black listed. So glad we paid those idiots off. I think they are ran by the same a$$holes that run Sundance realty, if not then they belong together 

LoveMYLife --- 8 years ago -

What is wrong with sundance realty? Is it really bad? 

Josie --- 8 years ago -

I agree about Sundance, read the reviews on google about them. When we first got stationed at Sill we rented from them and it was the worse mistake ever. The house LOOKED nice but after living in it, it was bad. The ceiling fan stopped working and they told us they wouldnt fix it, if we wanted a light in the livingroom to replace it ourself, when my husband went to do it he found out the wiring was an orange extension cord that someone rigged up through the house. We called them out on it and they said that it was regulations. What ever we moved out the next day, had to break our lease but I wasnt living in a fire trap.
As for Wichita Furniture I went in there one day looking at furniture and their prices arent cheap, they remind me of a rent to own place. Glad I know now not defintely ever buy from them, Im going to let all my friends and the FRG know how they treat the military also. 

a3431503uu --- 8 years ago -

This place is a joke. My husband and I purchased furniture there a couple years ago well shortly after purchasing it my husband left town and took everything with him. They haven't heard from him and neither have I. Because we were married and he left with their furniture they had a fit. The worst part of it all is because I stayed I have to pay for it. Even tho I don't have it and I'm not even on the policy because we were married and I stayed here it is now my responsibility. I agree they should be added to the black list. 

freddysgirl --- 8 years ago -

I agree 100% this place should be blacklisted. I made the mistake of buying stuff from them also. While we were stationed at Sill our furniture broke 3 times, they sale cheap junk at expensive prices and as long as they are getting paid thats all that matters to them. They didnt want to fix my stuff I had to pay out of my pocket to fix it. Then when we pcsed to fort lewis they got so nasty telling us we werent allowed to remove the furniture out of Lawton and we were suppose to return it to them if we left.When I first went in there I asked if they were a rent to own and they sid no that you actually purchase the furniture on credit. Then why would I give you the furniture back when I leave if Im buying it? they harassed us day in day out until we finally broke down and paid them in full. To this day we still havent recived a receipt saying it was paid in full! 

ShayBaby --- 8 years ago -

Go to OKC Mathis is worth it!!! and they deliver!! 

a3435860uu --- 8 years ago -

I just read an article about this store and others that are ripping off the soldiers, why isnt this place black listed? They offer "magic credit" to Soldiers. such a shame companies have to prey off the hard working men and women of the military 

a1816343uu --- 8 years ago -

thanks i was going to buy from them and wala i am not now 

Josie --- 8 years ago -

Wichita Furniture is a rip off. They claim to "sale" furniture but on my bank statement the company is called renting and leasing. I cant wait until my stuff is paid off. Buying from them is the worse mistake i ever made. I wish I knew what I know now, i would have never purchased from them 

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