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Picture taking skills

who's talking here?

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Sharon --- 8 years ago -

Some of the peoples picture taking skills really suck. Why would you take pics with dirty stuff in the background or a messy house? You can clean off the table, or counter nad do your pics there? And pics of animals, if you cant even show a clean cage or living space yet you ask a bunch of money. WTH do people just not care or do they not pay attention? 

Danniella --- 8 years ago -

Probably just don't care. 

Leslie --- 8 years ago -

Well some poeple live messy all the time so if they dont clean for health reasons or for their kids why would they clean for pictures. Also sometimes the mess is all the crap they are getting ready to post.
Picture taking skills really has nothing to do with it its just plain lazyness. 

soldrswife --- 8 years ago -

Pet peeve of mine too...if there's trash in the pic I don't bother.... 

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