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NurseBritt --- 9 years ago -

Hey All...will be moving to Sill in a couple months. Just curious...what do you and do you not like about Sill & Lawton? 

Leslie --- 9 years ago -

I think just like any place you go to, its what you make of it that depends on what kind of place it will be.
I personally like it here but then again I grew up in the city of new york where real gangs lived and crimes were committed every hour and people were killed constantly so this is a big change for me. I would rather raise my kids here. their are some great places you can go to with your family, they have a pool here, parks, chuckee cheese in okc, they have a laugh out loud, movie theatre a small shopping mall. If your not hard to satisfy and if you dont always find something wrong with everything and complain all the time about the small things then I think this place will be good for you and you will enjoy yourself. I also enjoy going out to eat to the different places here in lawton with my family. 

MacKinnon --- 9 years ago -

The pools and parks for kids are nice, but the gangs and bad areas of town are terrible, run down. Just avoid them. There are two walmarts, no selection of grocery stores. Target is a drive. The mall in town isn't that great - you need to go to texas or OKC for a selection. But the weather is nice, the area is really pretty, and you can always find something to do. Post has a wide variety of activities. Just find all the sill facebook pages and you'll be kept in the know. 

Jess --- 9 years ago -

To me, Fort Sill seems a lot more family oriented than other posts we have been on. Its a small area, but you can find a lot to do here. I grew up in OKC...Lawton is a lot different but I really like it down here. There's a lot to do really, especially if you go to the wildlife refuge. When my husband got here, he went to a briefing and they gave him tons of flyers with activities families could do. I'm sure you will get here and find something you enjoy! 

meme --- 9 years ago -

NurseBritt........ MacKinnon would lead you to believe that we have to go to Oklahoa City to mail anything. This is faulse. We are not in the Pony Express age as far as mail is concerened. You simply need to place your mail in your mail box and the mail man wil pick it up if its in letter form. Packages need to go to the post Office or call UPS or another service. Yes the postal rates in Oklahoma are high but they are goverened buy the federal government and not the state of Oklahoma or Ft.Sill. 

Proud Army Wife --- 9 years ago -

Nursebritt. Im on Rileys RUG and I also come here lol I loved Fort SILL and everything about Oklahoma. It is true that if you want to go to petco target kohls etc that you do have to drive either to Wichita Falls Texas or Oklahoma City. My husband and I always made a day of our shopping and actually enjoyed the drive. I miss the rattlesnake festivals, the prairie dogs, the buffalos, the state fair, the mountians but beleive it or not what I miss the most is the booms. We bought our house on the SE side of Lawton in the Sungate subdivision. I loved our house our neighborhood was very quiet and very safe. There are some areas in Lawton I defintely would avoid. When we got to Sill in 2008 we were told at the briefing to stay away from any roads that were the alaphabet, number, state or presidents name. I would love to be out of Kansas and back into Oklahoma! 

Danniella --- 9 years ago -

I love the wide variety of restraunts for all different tastes. It's nice that it's close to Oklahoma City, or to Wichita Falls for shopping. There is a wildlife refuge for some hiking though. And a nice lake nearby. Also agreat kids park on 38th street, and a dog park I hear (I haven't been yet).
Other than that, I agree the crime is horrible. Drugs are pretty widespread, so finding the right neighborhood is extremely important. I personally hate the weather and bugs here, but i think it just depends on where you are coming from. I came from Wyoming so I like the cold, bugless, unpopulated Mountains, and there really isn't any of that here.
Overall not the worst place to get stuck, but not the best either. 

MacKinnon --- 9 years ago -

meme - I never once mentioned the mail. What the heck are you talking about? Please go back and read my post again. 

FELICIA --- 9 years ago -

I think she thought mall was mail only thing I can think of 

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