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Question about housing

who's talking here?

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a1491685uu --- 7 years ago -

My family and I are moving to Ft. Sill this summer and I was wondering if anyone had any information on the housing in Calvery Point? What are the 3 bedrooms like? Are they newly renovated? Fenced in back yards? How are the schools on post? I tried to find some information about the housing online but it seems that info on that specific area is lacking.

Any input is greatly appreciated :) 

Julia --- 7 years ago -

hey,i was going to post the same question.... im moving there this summer as well and cant find anything online about housing. does anyone have pictures? is living on base better then off? 

MacKinnon --- 7 years ago -

Honestly I think the housing on post is terrible. It really depends on what rank you are for the quality of housing, I've found. We moved here two years ago, looked at the housing available to us, and then got a 5 bedroom off post. There are areas of town you want to avoid at all costs, but you can find really nice houses in really pretty areas. Try We live on the NE side of town in new construction. The neighborhood is quiet and the people are nice. They are building new housing for NCO's on post, but I don't know when it will be finished. My kids go to school off post in the MacArthur district. We love their school. I don't know much about the schools on post, but I have a friend whose children attend there and they like it. 

Julia --- 7 years ago -

so called housing and they gave me

has pics and info, she said the wait list for e-5 9-12 months. 

a3416802uu --- 7 years ago -

Don't count on the time wait because when i first got here they said 4 months and so we got a house off base. Then after i say 2 days i call housing and they said your the next to call. I was like o no we just got a house off base. As you all know you can't break the lease. I was so happy though the family we were getting the house off post was military before so they let us go. Don't count on the time they give you. ARMY WIFE 101 has alot of info check her out. Hope i helped out. 

a1491685uu --- 7 years ago -

My husband is a CWO2 in the Marine Corps so we will be in Calvary Post I guess. I spoke with the woman at housing this morning and she said the wait is only 2-4 weeks for housing in that area. Does anyone know how that housing looks?

I also checked out, thanks so much for that tip. I will be getting some ideas of off post housing if need be. 

Leslie --- 7 years ago -

The majority of the people you talk to on here arw wives of enlisted soldiers or are enlisted themselves. not too many officers so I dont know how much help you get there. But it seems the higher the rank the less you have to wait for housing so your ok. I thinky ouw ill be fine. you will hae teh best housing available to you Im Sure. i wouldnt worry so much every place is as good as you make it :-) 

MacKinnon --- 7 years ago -

my husband is a 1LT. Many friends were able to get housing pretty much right away. 

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