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Crash --- 12 years ago -

My husband is on drill orders and we're due to PCS there in September. I've researched housing there for months and I'm finding very few houses in our price range and that aren't terribly far from post that I would want to live in. So we're hoping to just live on post, mainly since my husband will be working so much. Does anyone know what the wait list for an E6 with no kids is?

Also, I've checked AHRN, militarybyowner and tried googling relators in the area but do any of you have websites for rentals I might not have come across? Or realtors who don't have a website that I could check out when we get there. Thanks. 

Jess --- 12 years ago -

If you live off post, you want to be very careful about the area you choose. My husband went to a briefing and they told us to call the Lawton Polic station and give them any addresses we were looking at; and I could not believe how bad some areas were.

I'm not sure about the waiting list for E6...but I know for E5 its almost a year wait. We found a house through Sundance in a really good area. Good luck on your house hunting! I would get on the waiting list for post asap. 

Crash --- 12 years ago -

I've heard that about off post. It sucks. I'm also getting a lot of mixed reviews from people about housing off post, some say the far East is a really great area but then I've heard from a couple of people not to go any further East than 44. We really like what we've seen in Elgin and Geronimo but that's just way too far for us since my husband will be working so much already. And the BAH there seems ridiculously low for how much it is to rent a nice house. Ugh.

I guess we'll really just have to wait to look for off post housing until we actually get there so we can see for ourselves.

Unfortunately my husband probably won't get his actual orders until right before we PCS. I just hope the wait isn't that long.

Thanks for the info. 

MacKinnon --- 12 years ago -

You'd be surprised with the wait times. I know many people that have been told over a year and something opens within a few weeks. I would try places like Indepence place etc. to stay until you get a place on post. Many of the apartment places are very nice and some are fully furnished. 

Crash --- 12 years ago -

We have Independence apartments here at Stewart too, I guess we could maybe check into those if the wait isn't too long, but if it is like a year then obviously we'll just try to find something off post. I hate when they tell you some ridiculous wait time and then call 2 weeks later with a house, they did that when we PCSed here but we had already found a place off post which was better. I've also noticed a lot of houses off post don't seem to accepts pets. We have a dog, there's no way we're getting rid of here either. Ugh. 

LoveMYLife --- 12 years ago -

First off welcome to Lawton/Fort Sill. I have lived on post we were on the wait list for around 18months before we were even called about a house and this is with having children. 

Crash --- 12 years ago -

Thank you. I'll still get us on the list ASAP but it looks like we're going to be living off post from what everyone is telling me.

I appreciate your responses. 

MacKinnon --- 12 years ago -

We went through American Real Estate. Nice people. We have pets - 3 dogs and 2 cats. We just paid an extra pet deposit and they let us have all our pets. 

Crash --- 12 years ago -

Thanks, I'll add them to our list to check. 

Jess --- 12 years ago -

We live off of 38th and Lee and its a really nice area to us. I feel safe around here. Go far west of fort sill blvd, and far south of cache. 

Alisha --- 12 years ago -

My husband and I found a very nice house in Geronimo. We have 2 boys, so we didn't want to shuffle them around. It's quiet, and the price was within our budget. We are renting through ReMax. Lynda Poe works with AHRN with some soldiers that have real estate issues. Kim Thomas is her partner and the realtor we got our house through. Her office number is (580)353-7496. Good luck! 

Crash --- 12 years ago -

We really wanted to look into Elgin or Geronimo but we think it might be a little too far with the hours DH will be working. We'll decide when we get there though, see for ourselves exactly how far they are from his job. Thanks!

I seen in one of the other post you're from Louisiana, I am too! What part are you from? 

a1787225uu --- 12 years ago -

We got a nice house is a good area near fort sill blvd and Ferrris. No crime problems. Houses have alarms and such. We looked at about 20 or so houses and yes many are crap. But there are a few here and there that are pretty decent. The lady we went through is Barbara moeller at Remax. her email is she is very helpfull and i think she has a couple of properties still available. 

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