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Replying back to someone who wants to buy your item/items

who's talking here?

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Mellissa --- 9 years ago -

I have attempted to chat with people here on bookoo reguarding items that I would like to purchase from them, however they never respond back..I will then email them and continue to TRY and chat with them about the item..then only to recieve a response the next day saying the item is PPU. Come on..I know everyone is busy doing their own thing, we all have lives..but if your wanting to sell something and someone wants to buy it..reply back. Maybe I am wrong, but it irritated me. I have had this happen to me a few times now and im sure im not the only one. 

Timekillshearts --- 9 years ago -

Sometimes chatarama doesn't work right [I know it's hit or miss if I get chatarama messages, sometimes chatarama doesn't even show up!] and not everyone checks their email all the time. It sucks when you really want something, I hate it, but I can also understand. That's why I love people who also leave their numbers so I can call or text if I'm REALLY interested and get an imediate response. =] 

Leslie --- 9 years ago -

You know what its a bunch of people on here that do that. I have been emailing this one account for their elliptical practically every day since the minute they posted it and never once have I recived a reply. the items says make an offer so thats what I did. If they dont like it they should at least reply back and if they have the minimum amount they would take then they should just price it at that.

It is so annoying makes you wonder if these people even want to sell their items. It makes me never want to buy their items and to spread the word so people can know just how rude they are.

It isnt just this person withthe elliptical its many people including the people who posted all those climbers and swings. I emailed them hundreds oftimes about their stuff and never heard anything back but all the items sold almost 2 weeks later and I emailed them almost immediately from when it was posted..

its just frustrating and I dont know why people do it.. 

FELICIA --- 9 years ago -

I hate when they say make offers for one I suck at making offers cuz I dont want to overpay but not insult anyone either can u please just put prices n go down if doesn't sell at that or something. 

Timekillshearts --- 9 years ago -

See I put or best offer. I'm willing to take offers but I hate when I have something priced let's say $15...and someone offers me $3. Now if that persom offers me $10 I'll probably take it...unless you're rude and are like "That craps only worth $10. That's my final offer" Then you aren't getting it. lol I've had people offer me $.75 for stuff I had priced $20 obo. But I don't mind if someone wants to make me an offer and I say I can't do that, then if they want to make me a higher offer, or sometimes I say well I can't do that, how about xyz? Like let's say I have something $50 obo. Someome offers me $20. I say I can't do that but how about $35. The person can either say yes or no. Or if I say no I can't do $20. Then the person says ok what about $40? then I'll say sure! I'll take $40.
I'll reduce my items but only after a while and only because they say obo already and I do get lowballed a lot. [by lowballed I mean a dollar, $.75, $5 for things that are $20 and up.] 

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