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Great Daycare!

who's talking here?

Timekillshearts 2
Deborah 2

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Deborah --- 9 years ago -

Have you seen the beautiful new daycare on Sheridan Rd.? It's called "Little Lambs" and has great teachers and is very clean! 

Timekillshearts --- 9 years ago -

You must work for them or something. You posted THREE times right in a row on bookoo [kida annoying but to each their own]. I don't use daycare but I'm glad there are more coming to town, I've heard horror stories about daycares in Lawton. 

Deborah --- 9 years ago -

Didn't mean to be annoying...thought I was putting the remarks in different areas on bookoo, so more people could see it based on their search. New to bookoo. 

Timekillshearts --- 9 years ago -

Yeah it all goes to the homepage. If someone searches "daycare" all of them come up. And be careful because you can be flagged and removed for overposting. People usually don't care if you post every few days tho.
Good luck! 

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