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Brand New Scentsy Consultant!

who's talking here?

Timekillshearts 8
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Timekillshearts --- 8 years ago -

Hi everyone! I'm a brand new Scentsy consultant! So if you're interested in wickless, flameless, delicious smelling candles check out my website! I have my launch party open now till the 30th of this month! Let me know if you are interested in hosting a party or becoming a consultant!

Anna Turkel
Independant Scentsy Consultant 

ORomance --- 8 years ago -

ooo I love scentsy! They are the best in smells. If anyone is hosting a party plz invite me as I love scentsy parties. 

Timekillshearts --- 8 years ago -

I'm hosting an online launch party you can order from online! AND if you want once I get my kit with testers and everything you could host a party! 

ORomance --- 8 years ago -

That sounds great. Never really did a scentsy party. Iam going to have to plan one soon. I love scentsy! I have 3 full size warmers and like 1 plugin. I love them. 

Timekillshearts --- 8 years ago -

I love them too! I'll post here when I get my stuff and we can set up a party! For now if you want you can order from my online party on my website. =] 

a2826452uu --- 8 years ago -

Also just to help you out a little hun... :) if they place orders with you and you put the orders in and get enough orders (150 dollars total in your party) everyone that places an order can revceive free shipping! 

Timekillshearts --- 8 years ago -

Sweet! I did not know that. =] Anymore tips/advice would be totally welcome too! 

Timekillshearts --- 8 years ago -

I just got my starter kit in the mail today so if anyone wants to book a party or smell some testers let me know! 

Timekillshearts --- 8 years ago -

Oh and I now have a facebook page! You can "like" it at!/pages/Anna-Turkel-Independent-Scentsy-Consultant/127900863951009
Once I get more likers I'm going to be doing some fun contests and giveaways!

Anna Turkel
Indpendent Scentsy Consultant 

Kellina --- 8 years ago -

I just got turned on to scentsy, now my house is full of it. I'll let you know when I get low!!

Kellina Vanpool
Independent Passion Party Consultant 

Timekillshearts --- 8 years ago -

Awesome! Sounds great! 

Timekillshearts --- 8 years ago -

I'm running a special right now! I have a party that ends the 15th and I have TWO specials going actually. And they aren't the kind where you're entered to win something either. =] Contact me for more information! You can also come over and smell scents if you want before you order!

Anna Turkel
Independent Scentsy Consultant 

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