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Questions about Ft Sill...Please Help

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Yard --- 8 years ago -

My husband will be coming to WOBC in a few months and we have alot of questions. The school is 9 months long and we were wanting to live on post. Well we've been told that since his school is for less than a year, we cannot live on post. Does anyone know if this is true? If that is the case, what neighborhoods do you recommend to rent a house in? Or where in general should we look into moving? Also I have a daughter that will be going to first grade and we would love to know what schools you all recommend on and off post. Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks so much 

Timekillshearts --- 8 years ago -

I have no clue if it's true or not. Your best bet would be to call Picern yourself [Picern is who owns the housing on post.] Idk the number but you can google it. Ask them they may have better suggestions. We live on post and love it. Good luck! 

felisha --- 8 years ago -

You can't live on post because the orders are for less than a year. My husband is currently attending WOBC. I have heard that living on the east and west side is good. My son in kindergarten, and will be going to 1st grade. I made my decision off of where to live based on schools. Bishop has been really good thus far, and we have been here since January. We moved into the Area off of lee and 44th on hickory lane. We haven't had any problems over here, and it is really quiet. We went through century 21 and we pay 1100 a month. I hope this helps a little bit :) 

Yard --- 8 years ago -

Thank you so much for the info. Looks like we will be living off post:( Are there usually a lot of houses for rent in the good areas of town? Thanks again 

Shutterbug --- 8 years ago -

The best areas are closer to 82nd street, or on the NW part of town from what I've heard. You don't want to live right near North Sheridan, because it's not the best neighborhood (wasn't when we lived there, at robbed the night before moving).

I think close to the Flower Mound area is good, or if you don't mind living out of town, there are some good areas nearby. 

FELICIA --- 8 years ago -

I grew up around here really if u want a nice place n safe u have to live a little ways out of Lawton or like by Goodyear plant a little of military live n Elgin it's 20 min outside lawton or Fletcher they r smaller towns tho so it depends on what u like. There is some nice areas n Lawton but u just have to check around n I like I said outer parts of lawton is the best n Fletcher n Elgin are good schools they r smaller than lawtons schools. Good luck 

FELICIA --- 8 years ago -

I meant alot of military live n Elgin sry lol 

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