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Tell me y I still cannot find a job?

who's talking here?

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ORomance --- 9 years ago -

So this post is in regards to not being able to find myself a job. I have tons of schooling and yet nobody is hiring. If they are I am too late to even apply. My main background is medical billing so if anyone knows someone that has a position open or maybe even an internship. Iam always willing to learn new things. Thanks! 

Pr3c!05@ --- 9 years ago -

Maybe you're "overqualified" for some of the jobs in being offered in Lawton. I'm not being sarcastic, I was told that at two job interviews. Of course what they meant was "we don't want to have to pay you more because of your education or experience" If you're just looking for any job, there is plenty of those. I don't know about medical billing though... 

ORomance --- 9 years ago -

I hear you. I think Iam too. Cause I have applied everywhere. Iam about to apply at a pizza place soon. I need cash asap. Times are hard. 

a1816343uu --- 9 years ago -

thay need help at side winders 

Shutterbug --- 9 years ago -

Check the Lawton Constitution online. There are a LOT of jobs on the classifieds, it seems. Sometimes, you will have to take a job that you don't want in order to pay the bills. I think that's what I'm going to have to do when we move there.

I learned it helps to be well-rounded. I'm a photographer by trade, but business has been slow in my area for that (not sure how it is in OK) lately. I'm working on my certification in business, and have experience working in retail, and as a receptionist. I also worked in the food industry as a cook in both fast food restaurants, and a nursing home. Some places look for key words in your applications or resume. If you have too much, they will pass on it. If you have too little, they will pass. 

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