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Question on Photography

who's talking here?

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Shutterbug --- 9 years ago -

I'm moving to the Fort Sill/Lawton area in a few months, and I'm a wedding/portrait photographer. I am wondering if anyone knows what the typical rates are for local professional photographer's packages. As we all know, it is a competitive world we live in, and I want to make sure that I'm giving a reasonable price for my services.

I know it is probably a much lower rate than what I'm used to charging where I am now, in the Seattle/Tacoma area. The cost of living here is more, and cost of supplies and value of time/work is something that I have found is just as costly. I do believe there is a lower cost of living in Oklahoma, as there was when I lived there years ago.

I'm trying to do my homework now, so I can have everything set up and ready to work once I get moved, and get my business license transferred.

I'm not too sure how many photographers are in the area there at Lawton, but if it's like here, there are dozens in just a small radius. I'm hoping the competition isn't as thick there, though, and I am hoping I have an easier time finding clientele, since I grew up in the area, and know quite a few people who are still there. 

MacKinnon --- 9 years ago -

I would love to have a GOOD photographer move to the area with reasonable prices. So far, this are is severely lacking in creativity. I used to own a photography business in NY, but since we're only here for a short time, I have put it on hold and have focused on my travel agent business. I wish you the best of luck!!! There are many wannabe photogs here, so you should get lots of business. :) 

Shutterbug --- 9 years ago -

Thanks. I don't know how my work would compare to those in the area, since I hadn't taken a look at the local photographers there yet. I know it's extremely hard to get work in the Seattle area, since there are so many photographers (most wannabes that aren't even licensed).

I may just concentrate on finding a regular part-time job, and do my photography as a hobby for a while, depending on how hard it would be for me to get established.

If anyone cares to take a look, here is my website:

Rebecca Alsbury Photography 

MacKinnon --- 9 years ago -

If you need start up clients, I'll be willing to offer up my children. LOL

After working 6 years for the govt, I am now a SAHM because I couldn't find a job here. (So I work from home now!) 

Shutterbug --- 9 years ago -

Thanks. I may just have to take you up on that offer. One good thing, though, is that I know a LOT of people in the area, since I grew up there. The only problem, is that it was almost a decade ago that I moved away. It will be good to be home.

At least I am familiar with a lot of the areas there, so hopefully it won't be hard to find good locations to do photo shoots.

I may be doing some trades when I first get there, until I get my license transferred or get a new one for Oklahoma. I have to get an address! 

MacKinnon --- 9 years ago -

I make hats, boutique bows, all that good stuff, so if you need props, just let me know!

If you need another photographer for anything, I do that, too. I can send you some of my pics. 

Shutterbug --- 9 years ago -

Ah, do you crochet? I may have to get with you when we move and have you make some cocoons and things like that. I do have a few props already, but always looking for more.

I am sure if I get hired for some weddings while there, I will need a second shooter, so I can keep you in mind. 

MacKinnon --- 9 years ago -

Yes, I do crochet. And i make photoprops, too. I have an etsy store, it's called Razberry Sorbet. I also have a facebook page -

I love being wingman for weddings!! I have a canon 50D and a few lenses, plus my own gear.

message me on facebook and I'll send you my contact info. 

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