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Fort Sill Installation Candle Pollicy: Did you know?!?!

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Timekillshearts 3
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Timekillshearts --- 9 years ago -

Did you know that it is AGAINST Fort Sill installation policy to burn candles? Including in housing if you live on post, in your office if you work on post, in the dorms/barraks, or anywhere else! This is an INSTALLATION WIDE policy. Candles are just not safe and can cause fires. If you have a little one this can be even more of a concern because not only are candles a fire hazzrd but little ones are always roaming around being currious and exploring, I know mine is! I know I want to keep my son safe from being burnt but as a lifelong candle user I still craved that fresh scent that only a candle could bring....I thought..
Until I discovered Scentsy! Scentsy is a wickless, flameless, sootless, healthier, more cost effective candle! A low watt light bulb heats the wax and the wax melts sending whatever amazing scent you choose throughout your houes, office, dorm, or whatever personal space you choose. The wax never gets hot enough to burn so even if you or your little one stick your hands in the wax you won't be burnt.
There are so many options for warmers like plug in burners (think like tiny glade plug ins), medium sized ones, large ones, and all sorts of designs you are bound to find one, or seven, or twenty, that you love. In this way Scentsy can also add to and enhance your home decore in any room. Perfect for nurseries especially where you need to get rid of the smell of all those nasty diapers!
If there is a place that you can't use electricity or there aren't enough outlets available, that's okay too, Scentsy knows there are some places you just don't have an outlet but still want to have your favorite scents! So they've created many options for you that don't require electricity as well such as room sprays, Scentsy Buddies (Adorable stuffed animals to come on the go with you or add to any decor! They have a little zipper pocket you add any scent pak to and give off the scent of your choice), Scent Circles to hang in your car, locker, or pretty much anywhere else, and other options as well!
There are so many different scents to choose from! Do you like a fresh and clean kind of scent? We have multiple scents that fit that description. What about a hopeless romantic? We have scents for you! Do you want a manly scent? We have pleanty of those as well! Do you want a fresh, fruity smell? We have a wide variety of those. What about a fresh from the oven bakery scent? There are pleanty of those and much much more! I have over 80 scents in testers alone that we can meet up so you can smell them all and see what you like! The best thing is once you find a scent you absolutely love like Black Rassberry Vanillia, Love Story, or Jumpin Jelly Bean, then you can get a warmer and some bricks or bars, a circle for your car, room spray, etc, all in the same scent so everything cordinates! I love that because I hate it when I used a candle then needed a room spray for an extra boost of fragrance and they didn't match exactly, like one company's vanilla and another's didn't smell exactly the same. lol
Anyway if you are interested in Scentsy check out my website or get ahold of me! I'm running TWO amazing specials right now so contact me for more info on that! I have a party open right now that runs through the 15th which is this Sunday, and all of us military get paid this Friday, the 13th, if you have USAA or another military bank you get paid the 12th, this Thursday!
Also get in touch with me if you want to host a party or smell the testers I have! Find my Scentsy page by searching Anna Turkel Scentsy because once we get more likers we are going to do some fun giveaways and contests!

Anna Turkel 

Shutterbug --- 9 years ago -

I'm not at Sill yet, but I can tell you, I love my Scentsy! I have asthma and allergies, and the smoke from candles bothers me. Plus, that smoke is bad for you!

I have a consultant already, but I can attest that Scentsy is amazing! I have the Jumpin' Jelly Bean going in one warmer, and Sweet Clementine in another, and they mingle well.

You can also mix some of the scents like you would the Jelly Belly jelly beans. It's awesome. 

Timekillshearts --- 9 years ago -

I agree! My son has asthma and I'm a hardcore candle lover, so it was hard for me to give up candles but then I found Scentsy! I'm glad you have a consultant already! If you ever need help or your consultant takes a break or whatever let me know! And I'm here for anyone else who needs anything! I'm actually closing out my first party tomorrow night. I agree the scents mix well!
Right now tho I'm burning love story and I LOVE it! It smells love Love Spell by Victoria Secrets =] 

Timekillshearts --- 9 years ago -

I also just got some catalogues and stuff so if anyone wants one just let me know! I'll deliver! I even have customer loyalty cards so after 12 purchases you get a free bar! AND if you refer a friend to me and they fill their card, I'll give you a free scent bar! 

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