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SophisticatedSweets --- 9 years ago -

It seems like it has been one of those years. It has started off great, but continues to go downhill as it progresses. In March I left my FT job to pursue my business part-time and with intentions of obtaining my CPT certifications this summer and then going back to college this fall. The logistics of it all panned first.

But then at the end of March/beginning of April I had to fly home as they thought my Grandmother was dying. Last minute tickets do not come cheap. They were in the tune of $1,400!! She improved drastically and I flew home. Three days later, she passed. My husband and I both flew home, ticket prices even more expensive. I canceled all of my work orders and my husband rescheduled his. A week later, we flew home. A few days after that, I received a phone call that my Grandfather committed suicide so back home my husband and I went. Me canceling work, him pushing his back and all of our savings gone.

Now here it is the end of May. My husband is working 6-7 days a week drumming up business and completing work orders, but for the most part only gets paid once a month due to his major contract. I went to a real estate company and contracted out for house cleaning/carpets but after the threat of military pay being stopped, people began to clean their own homes to get deposits back. I've done the garage sale bit, I've been trying so hard to sell what I can on bookoo, but it is all small stuff. I have posted ads for housecleaning, yardwork, name it! I am already overdue on paying back an advanced check so that isn't an option. So, my question to you all...what do you do to make extra cash? I need to make almost $2,000 so we can get all these bills caught up. I'm needing $650 by tomorrow and the rest by next Wednesday. If we can just get through this month and get caught up, once my husband gets paid in June we will be caught up again! What do you all do to make money when you have unexpected issues come up? I would appreciate any tips and pointers you all could give. 

Timekillshearts --- 9 years ago -

I'm sorry you are going through this! I sell Scentsy but I'm off to a slow start. I know a lot of people coupon so they have really small grocery bills, sell stuff, make stuff like homeade bday cakes, homeade clothes, etc. I don't have any suggestions for quick cash except maybe pawning jewlrey or posting on bookoo and CL. I just wanted to say sorry and I hope things improove for you! 

LoveMYLife --- 9 years ago -

About the only thing I could suggest for a quick cash is if you have a car/truck/boat ect. that you could sell for a lowerd amount to get it gone quickly and have the cash in hand. I am sorry things have been so hard for you I am sure they will get better. 

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