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please respond!

who's talking here?

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a2826452uu --- 8 years ago -

I am looking at trying to find a way to bring in a little extra cash from home. I already sell scentsy and that helps, but I was thinking about starting to do something a little more crafty like i keep seeing all these people who make bows and things like that, I was wanting to get other peoples perspective, what would you like to see more of? what would be something you would buy if it was made? please give me your opinion! It is greatly appreciated! 

a2826452uu --- 8 years ago -

ok so i have been told that people want to see more boy items......what kind of boy items would you like to see? 

Timekillshearts --- 8 years ago -

paci clips, taggie blankets, and stuffed animals! =] Not me personally but those are hot boy and girl items!! 

Shutterbug --- 8 years ago -

If you know how to crochet, you can make some good money with photographers if you make baby hats, "cocoons", blankets, and nesting bowls. Also, flower bows, cute dresses for babies or little girls, and things like that would sell good. Maybe tutu's also. I make those myself, and learned that some people can make good money on them. I hadn't made any yet, but I haven't actually tried selling any...I just make them for photo shoot props. 

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