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Coupon group meeting.

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ORomance --- 7 years ago -

Ok ya! for those of you that love to save and use coupons. Iam having a meeting tomorrow at my home the address is 5334 Philippe Rd. unit b. You are more then welcome to come by and check out and trade out coupons with the ladies that are going to be there. I do have refreshments and great couponing tips. Its at 2:00 Pm. iam so excited to see all that show up and makes this a great learning experience for all of us ladies. Kk Hope to see you all there! :) 

Timekillshearts --- 7 years ago -

If I wasn't sick right now I'd be there with bells! I hope you all have fun!!! 

a2892538uu --- 7 years ago -

does anyone know all the stores in the area that do douple coupons...I know homeland does but does any other stores or who excepts competors coupons! 

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