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Offers so Low I Find it INSULTING!

who's talking here?

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a3561012uu --- 7 years ago -

Sometimes bookoo drives me CRAZY!!! I have a new item and it is worth, say $100. It is new in package, the tag is still on it...I post it for $75/OBO. I figure I will go down $10-15 but then someone offers $20. Seriously? $20?? You REALLY consider that to be a good offer?? Yes, this is a garage sale site but if the item is still available in stores and I am offering you a great deal when it is obviously new, don't insult me with such a low ball. Sometimes I want to scream!! Or better yet...the women who say "I can get it cheaper at such and such. But don't worry...I won't tell everyone you are trying to rip us off. Although...if you sell it for blah blah I'll buy it!" Ya know what? THEN GO BUY IT ELSE WHERE if it is SOooooo cheap. And please. DO tell everyone I am a ripoff. *eye roll* You bloody scam artist!!

I think marking something down at least 25% from the price is a good deal. I know people want to save money, but those of us who are selling certain things maybe need to make money. Unfortunately life happens and we are forced to sell things we wouldn't ordinarily. Don't add insult to injury...I'd rather suffer than sell something 75-85% below what I paid if it was bought recently, ya know?

Phew. That felt good to get it off my chest. 

Pr3c!05@ --- 7 years ago -

Breath, stretch, shake and let it go! :P There will always be people like that on bookoo. I personally don't sweat it much because I know the right buyer will come. I don't sell much because I have a lot of things that are new that I've been accumulating over time but like you, I'm not willing to sell it for so low. I get a lot of low ball offers and I usually decline them. Of course after that comes the angry e-mails, the fake e-mails -oh yeah, some people go as far as creating e-mail accounts just to send a nasty message- but oh well.

It's unfortunate to see all that. I love it when they say that they can get it cheaper somewhere else because I know is not true. Don't get upset about people like that because they will always be like that. 

MacKinnon --- 7 years ago -

I agree with you! I had a very nice piece of furniture priced very low at $15, so I could at least get a little something for it. I had two people offer me $5, (after the post stated the price was firm) and one offered me $3 for it!!! I was shocked! 

Pr3c!05@ --- 7 years ago -

Do any of you have the same people making offers? I ask because there are two people that every time, and I mean every time, they want something I'm selling, they deliberately offer half of what I'm asking. Is the same two people all the time! 

a3561012uu --- 7 years ago -

YES in regards to the same people offering uber low prices.

And I have seen a few nasty messages...sad that grown adults can behave in such a childish manner when they do not get their own way. 

LoveMYLife --- 7 years ago -

this would not happen to be hollister chick would it? 

Timekillshearts --- 7 years ago -

I have a problem with people low balling sometimes. I don't mind if people make an offer but if I don't like it I'm going to counter it. Then some of them go off on what crap everything is anyway, they can get it so much cheaper other places, blah blah blah. So they just don't get my stuff. It sucks for serious sellers who put OBO and want genuine offers and want to move their items! I know for instance if I put $5 OBO I'll take 3. Depending on what it is I may take 2 but normally I want $3-$5 for it! If I post something for $60 obo and get an offer of $20 I'm going to assume you aren't serious.
Worse tho are the people who want things for free! Literally! They'll say I really want xyz but i'm so poor, is there a chance you can just give it to me? No. No there's no chance. This isn't freecycle man!
K I feel a little better. 

SadSongs --- 7 years ago -

No jokes, ladies!! Just saw this on bookoo

:im looking for a slot machine casino style cake but i only want to pay 20-30 dollars unless i have something you would trade for it let me no i need it sat"

Low ballin' aint no joke. LOL 

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