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$20-30 for a CAKE??

who's talking here?

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SadSongs --- 11 years ago -

Just saw this on Sill.bookoo---

"im looking for a slot machine casino style cake but i only want to pay 20-30 dollars unless i have something you would trade for it let me no i need it sat"

I may not make cakes, but even I know that is ridiculous! What is with people wanting stuff for free around here? I pay $15+ for a quarter sheet cake at Wallyworld and this person wants some custom cake for $20-30 maybe some of her junk too? WOW.WOW.WOW.

After reading the posts about people low balling and then this? Makes me not want to use bookoo anymore. Idiots are all over the place on that site and it keeps getting worst. (Not everyone...but the few there are ruins it all, I think.) 

Shutterbug --- 11 years ago -

It's not just bookoo there. There are a lot of people at the one here at Fort Lewis like that, too. Too many lowballers and they will give sap stories to try and make you feel bad enough for them to give the stuff for free. It's why I don't sell anything on that site anymore. 

Sharon --- 11 years ago -

I sell few and far between, but feel I price stuff very fair. I dont usualy have items listed long. I also dont sell off my entire closet one post at a time. If I do clothes, it goes in lots. I hate when the site gets cluttered with .50 or 1 or 2 dollar posts. REally?? Group your stuff together. Makes people want to brwose the site more 

Sharon --- 11 years ago -

About the cakes tho, yes people do want something for nothing. It takes these cake ladies hours and hours to make them cakes. They are gorgeous and from what I know of one of them at least they are so darn good. I would never spend that much on a cake(unless I had the money of course lol), but they are worth the money spent on them if you can afford it 

Pr3c!05@ --- 11 years ago -

$30 for a custom made cake? Seriously? The ingredients alone might cost that much! Add to that the electricity/gas you're going to spend in the baking plus the time and effort! 

jlgg --- 5 years ago -

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