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Hotel recommendations for 6 weeks?

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S to the C --- 9 years ago -

My husband is going to the artillary school for 6 weeks in august and was wondering if the base has any lodging or if any of you have any recommendations for his 6 week stay? He will have transportation so he doesnt need to stay on base. Looking for something cheap and nice if theres such thing? Thanks so much any info is greatly appreciated 

Sharon --- 9 years ago -

Post does have a hotel, it fills quick and all the time. Caling is always better than booking online, they sometimes give better discounts by calling and telling them your military on orders. Most area hotels give discounts, there is a Best Western off Gore that may do weekly/monthly rates. As well as Sleep in I think and there is a Super 8 right out of Gate 2. Itmay take some cold calling to get a price you can work with. Check on the sillmwr or fort sill main web page adn look for alink for graduation. It has good info on hotels and maps to help you get around. 

Sharon --- 9 years ago -

If you call on post, tell them its for school, he may get in easier than I can get a room for family. I know alot of the foreign troops that train here stay there, so there must be something with the schools that get them in. 

kimberly --- 9 years ago -

try candlewood suites on 38th st we stayed there it is wonderful. call for reservations the longer you stay the bigger the discount. plus make sure you tell them you are military that makes a big deal to. it has a full kitchen free internet cable full bathroom you can choose either a one bedroom with bed or have a little smaller one that has the bed in the living room. has a grill downstairs free laundry. we stayed for awhile till we found a house here. 

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