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Just $40 for a haircut, manicure and pedicure, worth $80!!!!

who's talking here?

Casey Page 1

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Casey Page --- 11 years ago -

Hey everyone!
This is too good of a deal for me not to share!
Yea, ONLY $40 for a haircut, mani and pedi! Thats 1/2 off!
So this deal is available only thru, and if you arent signed up with them, you really should!
They have local deals with a savings of AT LEAST 50% off. Its like, but since they never have any local deals besides in Okc, SeizeTheDeal is better.

I get email alerts when there is a new Lawton deal and have purchased several deals from them. The best one for me so far was when I got Botox for $40!
But Im for sure getting this deal!

They have another deal right now:
$15 for $30 in NOW Foods Supplements and Products From Health Food Center

But Im not that into health food or supplements like that, so it doesnt interested, but someone else might be into it!

Anyway, if you want to get these deals or just check it out, please use this link, if you purchase a deal, I'll get a $10 credit : ) 

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