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a3605582uu --- 9 years ago -

Can anyone refer me to a decent online loan site? I keep getting referred to different sites- I think I have filled out 20 applications!! I lost my job a month ago and won't be able to start my new job until January 1st. My electricity was disconnected today (yes, I am at the library), my cupboards are bare, and there won't be much of a Christmas this year- but that is okay. I don't want hand outs...I should have tried to save more money knowing the economy is the way it is. I am hoping someone can refer me to an online loan that wires money within 24 hours so I can get electricity back on and buy enough food to last us all through the rest of December. I already have a pay day loan out and it was actually due 5 days ago, but luckily they are working with me. Is there a website that isn't a scam and could actually assist me? Maybe you ave had luck with something? Thanks. 

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