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New to site, but not Ft. Sill, looking for friends...

who's talking here?

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Christy86 --- 11 years ago -

Hello. We have been stationed here since March of 2009. We came from our first duty staion, which was Hawaii, but both my husband and I are originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ft. Sill is nothing like I pictured it to be. I absolutely hate it here to be honest. For some reason, no matter how hard I try, I can not make friends here. They either move away right after I meet someone cool or they are really rude and ONLY want to hang out when it is convenient for them. We got orders to leave here, but they got stopped for another year because my husband's unit is deploying and he gets to go with them, eh! Anyways, I have 2 boys ages 3 and 4 and would love to meet new people if anyone has any ideas on how to make friends here, or if anyone is interested in being a friend.
Also does anyone know if Ocean dental take Tricare? They seem to be the only decent children's dentist from what I have researched. I know I can call and ask, but it is Friday night, so I have to wait. 

Shutterbug --- 11 years ago -

Hi! I have a little boy about the same age as yours. He is almost 4. I also have two older kids, who are 9 and 10...a boy and a girl. I am originally from Oklahoma, too, but from all over basically. I grew up in Canute and Frederick, mostly, so western Oklahoma is what I'm used to.

I honestly don't know about Ocean dental. I know Dr. Michael Jackson takes our dental insurance, and that he is good. He also does dental for kids.

Do you live on or off post? We live on, and find it's kind of hard at times to make friends. I'm hoping to start doing a playdate or something every week to have where the moms can talk, and the kids can play. I don't have much along the way of kids toys for outdoors, but I'm just a few blocks from a playground, and we have a ton of indoor toys for kids to play with. 

Just Saying --- 11 years ago -

Poor Christy came on here and posted looking for some friends...86 DAYS AGO!!!

!!!!86 DAYS AGO!!!!!
Now, there were PLENTY of views!
The ever so present LURKING TROLLS read her post, but didn't say sh+t!
How very nice of you, trolls!
And Shutterbug was the ONLY person that replied!
Seems to me, and anyone w/ a set of working eyes, that Shutterbug is single-handedly trying to keep this place alive and running for you trolls to have something to read!

I'm sure Christy was left with a GREAT impression of just how friendly the members of SillUnderground truly are! 

jlgg --- 7 years ago -

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