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a3994571uu --- 11 years ago -

hello! My name is Kristen and
I would like to introduce you to Gold Canyon candles "the World's Finest". These are by far the most fragrant candles you will ever burn. Have you ever bought a candle only to have it stop putting out a scent in the first hour? Then the wax tunnels & you throw 1/2 the candle away?
Gold Canyon burns evenly all the way down, has lead free wicks, "burn free" cooler wax & the best scents your nose will ever smell. Go to my website and check it out!

I will be going to craft shows when I can get a booth & you can do an online party if you would like, just email me from the site. I offer a money back guarantee. You buy one 5 oz candle from me to start with & if it is not the most fragrant, even burning candle you have seen on the market, I will buy it back from you as long as you have no burned it all the way down :-)
I absolutely love these candles & stand behind them 100%. Ask me about a favorite scent you have & I can give you recommendations. Favorites are: Clean sheets, Orchid Vanilla, Lavender and Chamomile, Cinnamon Vanilla and Ginger Lime. There is also a candle you can buy which gives 10% to Operation Home Front - supporting military families as well as helping children in need. Check out Homology, the reed diffusers, the pod warmers and so much more! Holiday themes also...This is a fabulous company. Thanks for looking!! 

jlgg --- 7 years ago -

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