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MS Support Group?

who's talking here?

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Casey --- 8 years ago -

I've been looking for a local MS support group and haven't really been able to find a local group that's active.
So, it got me thinking about trying to start a group here, for Ft. Sill. I'm amazed that Reynolds hasn't done something on their own for this yet, since I meet more and more spouses with MS every week.
And it seems to me that having some sort of support group or just a group of friends that you can talk to, that totally know, understand and get what you're going thru, is extremely beneficial!

I myself do not have MS, but 1 of my very best friends does. When we 1st met and became friends like 4 years ago at another duty station, she was healthy and never had the slightest suspicion of having MS. She was diagnosed 1 year ago and for me to see how dramatically her life has changed and all the battles she's had to overcome in just a year is astounding.
I can only imagine how frustrated she can get sometimes and I know that if she had a group of others going thru the same battles she faces, to talk to and listen to, would be so beneficial!

Anyway, its just a thought I have!
Any input is welcomed!

Just Saying --- 8 years ago -

That's a great idea! However, I doubt you'll get much feedback from the lifeless members of this board! Its a shame too, I think you're right and that a lot of women would benefit from something like this! 

jlgg --- 4 years ago -

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