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Any homeschooling mama's..... HELP

who's talking here?

Jennifer 1
Leelee 2
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Leelee --- 8 years ago -

Seriously thinking of homeschooling my middle baby. She is has some develental issues and I'm getting no help from the school. I think she would totally benefit from one on one but I have no clue where to begin. 

Leelee --- 8 years ago -

Sorry.... She has some developmental issues. 

Jennifer --- 8 years ago -

Have you tried to get an iep (individual education plan) ? Oklahoma also has a online public school. I homeschool my daughter has PTSD we work out of workbooks from hastings and barnes and noble. The library on post has some activities. I quiz her with the brain quest games. I wish you luck. Its a labor of love! 

jlgg --- 4 years ago -

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