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I joined this crazy place on 2010-04-19, 9 years ago.

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consignment sales - 9 years ago

I need baby stuff! I don't know what I'm having until May 11th, do you guys have any gender neutral stuff? BTW, I think Sassy Seconds on Gore had a bunch of baby stuff out in front. I haven't had t...

best places to eat? - 9 years ago

Thanks everyone! I had heard Kobe's was good last time we lived here (3 years ago for about 8 months) but haven't tried it yet.

best places to eat? - 9 years ago

How about chinese and pizza? What are the best places to order from? I like Little Ceasers and it's got the $5 large so that's what we usually do, but what about the other places, we don't really ha...

I NEED ADVICE!! - 9 years ago

They come out and spray around the baseboards, it is an odorless spray. In our lease agreement they just have to spray once when you move in and you have to request it within a week of moving in, but...

elmer thomas park track - 9 years ago

We've been crazy with this move, still trying to get stuff straightened out, but hopefully I'll get a chance to go and hopefully see you there :)

A lil Pricey.... - 9 years ago

You can buy one online at Walmart for $199 plus get a free game with it, worth about $50, I think $165 for a used one is more than reasonable!

I NEED ADVICE!! - 9 years ago

Hey Mollie, we had Lawton Termite and Pest control spray our house (done by our property manager) They said it is safe for animals, no need to leave the house, you might just want to pick up their do...

Wading pools?? - 9 years ago

Hey Sharon, I got this from the Lawton Parks and Rec. site: "Three of Lawton's parks have wading pools for children. They are Mocine Park, 9th & Douglass; Harmon Park, 14th & Bell; and the 35th Di...

best places to eat? - 9 years ago

Mojitos sound good! Too bad I can't drink for the next 5 months or so, I'd really like to, but that is usually frowned upon while pregnant :( this move has been a nightmare! And things are still goin...

best places to eat? - 9 years ago

Does anyone have any good recommendations? Let me know about how much it costs too if you can. Thanks in advance!

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