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I joined this crazy place on 2010-04-29, 13 years ago.

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Utilities?? - 13 years ago

It really just depends. Our home is 1600sqft and winter (set at around 70 degrees) gas-$80-100 electric-$25-60 summer (the same) gas-$25 electric-$80-170 everything in my home is electric exce...

Childcare - 13 years ago

I have decided to go back to work and wondered who is everyone favorite or un-favorite daycare. Im nervous about letting my little man go just anywhere. Oh and we are miltary so where take NACCRRA and...

Re:Seriously! - 13 years ago

Trish or bunny whatever you want to be called and to the rest im pretty sure i have not bashed her in any way. I was stating the facts thats it. You guys seem to be making it go on and on not me and a...

seriously!!!!! - 13 years ago

Trish whats your sill sale name because i dont want to buy from you either. Im just glad my husband was home to go because my six year olds heart would have been broke if i had told him while we were ...

Re:Seriously! - 13 years ago

I may say i wont hold an item but if someone says their on there way and tells me they will be at my home in 15 min i will wait that 15 min. Then tell the next person in line if they havnt picked it u...

Re:Seriously! - 13 years ago

Im pretty sure you only had one motorized bike. which i specified during our conversation just moments before my husband left. I also gave you our cars description so you would know who we were. I thi...

ENDED!! - 13 years ago

Damn!!! lol

ENDED!! - 13 years ago

ENDED!! - 13 years ago

Well i got an email stating it was really the LPD and if it is i made a request that they make the people that are parking on beta past gore and 67th MOVE because they are parked in a no parking!!! Al...

ENDED!! - 13 years ago

Could we possibly know what he/she is wanted for?

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