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I joined this crazy place on 2010-02-09, 9 years ago.

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Mother of 2 beautiful girls. Married to the most wonderful man on the planet, still in 'the honeymoon stage' 4yrs later!!

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best places to eat? - 8 years ago

Oooh Blakes sounds like a cool place! Me & the Hubbs are always up for tryin new joints! We will def give this one a try!

Keeping Positive ( + ur own positive thought) - 8 years ago

I thought I would add a funny story about the first time Suzie molted. I was running late for work & while getting dressed I noticed Suzie laying on her back, I had just gotten her & she hadn't eatin ...

Keeping Positive ( + ur own positive thought) - 8 years ago

My positive/scary moment of the day. I came home & started feeding my critters, glanced in my tarantulas tank & saw her balled up & laying on her side. She hasn't eaten for about 6 months so I thought...

Keeping Positive ( + ur own positive thought) - 8 years ago

I have a few positives!! We are FINALLY done w/ our state taxes & are even getting some back! I thought my salamander was dying but turns out he just needed to shed!! He is eating again & will be OK I...

BAD JOKE - 8 years ago

Brooke aint responding because has more class than to get involved w a piece of Sh!t like you. Your tryin to start a battle of whits, yet you come unarmed! LMAO

BAD JOKE - 8 years ago

Sorry if I did misunderstand, people are still bashing me like I cussed her out or something. It does'nt even matter to me anymore & obviously not to her either. I was frustrated & called ladies who m...

BAD JOKE - 8 years ago

Wow what a piece of trash you are!! I really think this is a joke, it has to be surely this chic isn't that stupid/desprate/trashy, ho ho whatever. Wow, if she was talking about my husband I would fin...

breast feeding in public... - 8 years ago

I agree w/ both of yall. Though it was uncomfortable for me to do it in public & I would take extra steps to prevent her from needing a feeding while I was out, if she got hungry I would feed her. Som...

ANYONE!! - 8 years ago

Is it @ Olive Garden? If it is they are pretty good at accomidating pregnant ladies. I was fired from Cedar Crest because I was pregnant. But now that place is having all kinds of trouble, Karma..I LO...

ANYONE!! - 8 years ago

If you are gonna be a server or anything like that & the resturant has alchohol you need a liquor license.

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