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The Army really kinda sucks somtimes

who's talking here?

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The other profile --- 9 years ago -

The Army in there all knowing power has changed there mind on my pcs move! There were orders for me and my family to move away from fort silly... but thanks for the efmp system being so screwy we get to stay...... Yeeee freakin Haaaa 

JOshua --- 9 years ago -

yes it does the samr thing happened to our family. we cannot pcs because our son is in the EFMP program but I was theone that enrolled him it since the doctor explained the severity of his situation, But the type of care he recieves is not any different then the care our other son recieves so I kind f wish Inever did that. sorry to hear your stuck here. Ive been here 7 years its hard to leave sill once you get here. 

mary --- 9 years ago -

This is suck big time! The same thing happened to us! We just found out this wkend that we can't go any where cause my oldest is on the EFMP program too. This is so sad n I think it's their way of keeping ppl here! I met so many ppl that been here for years n years n can't get out of this place. This is sucks!!!!! 

The other profile --- 9 years ago -

This place is like a black hole just when you see the light of getting out it sucks you back in....... What I don't understand is THEY HAD THE DOCTORS! Ah well I know we can go other places because the doctors we need are in EVERY TOWN! Its just tri care likes making things hard.... sorry to hear you can't go anywhere that really stinks 

Hooah Wifey --- 9 years ago -

We pcs here from Ft Campbell and my son is EFMP. The only good thing I can say about this place is that my hubby has a set up schedule so he's home around the same time everyday and that we got housing before moving here. Other than that they don't have all the providers and services that we had before. Other than respite care I can't say that they are good or bad. I hope they pcs us out of here in like 2 more years but everybody in my street moved or is moving out. Suck that y'all have to stay here hopefully we wont have that problem but with the army you never know. 

Sherry --- 9 years ago -

Wow. I just enrolled myself into the EFMP program because it was recommended by my PCM. I have alot of knee and back problems and have to see different specialists here. My hubby has been stationed in Korea for the past 6 months and we got orders a few months ago to go back to Ft. Campbell, Ky. We have been here almost 12 1/2 yrs. Yes, u read that right. My hubby , on the otherhand has been to korea twice and Iraq twice since 2002. I really hope they don't change my hubby's orders after my enrollment kicks in. My family back in Ky would be devistated after all these yrs of us trying to get back home. I wouldn't mind staying here for the docs that I see becuz most have them have been pretty awesome, especially our newest PCM. I guess the Lord will put us where he wants our family to be, so I guess we have to wait and see what he has in store for us. For those of you who don't like Lawton, it does either really grow on you and ya start liking the place or you really hate it. It took me 5 yrs to get used to living in Lawton because I've always lived close to my family. My son was 11 months old when we moved here and he just turned 13 this past July. For him, it has been great becuz this is really the only home he remembers. It will be hard on him if we do move back home but at least he does have a family there who loves him and spoils him rotten. lol 

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