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Hooah Wifey

I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-25, 9 years ago.

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Hmm I got a letter changing my on-post provider but nothing saying the place. Is this for newcomers or everybody? I remember Ft Campbell not seeing people that live off post at their hospital. I as...

Coming Home! - 7 years ago

Yes they have storm shelters here. Some of the old houses (not Geronimo Acres or Artillery Village) have basements and the new houses have safe rooms inside the houses. They also use the hospital base...

Coming Home! - 7 years ago

Btw all houses here have a/c n school starts in august. I have a house in Geronimo Acres (old ones) n it is a good big size one w no issues but the new ones have a/c issues blots of them have burst pi...

Coming Home! - 7 years ago

Hi shutterbug! I thought I recognize your name from the LU :) My son goes to MacArthur Middle School n we live on post. This school has the best autism group at least fir my son. I know Central Middle...

New to Ft Sill Coming from Ft. Lewis - 7 years ago

I'm pcsing to Lewis n can't wait to leave this place. We came here from Campbell n this place is BORING unless u drive to the City or TX there's not much to do close by. I live on post n is too quiet ...

Movie Theaters.. - 8 years ago

Carmike on Cache Rd or the ones at Central Mall. Also there is a drive in @ Chickasha if you dont mind driving 40 mins up I-44 towards OKC is right after the first toll

Tricare ??s - 8 years ago

I pcs here 6 months ago and will be here for the next 2yrs *sigh* thanks

Tricare ??s - 8 years ago

I was told by my pregnant next door neighbor that if you are pregnant Tricare Prime only let you have the baby @ Reynolds. I'm guessing that's right because even my hubby's sgt told me so. So my quest...

The Army really kinda sucks somtimes - 9 years ago

We pcs here from Ft Campbell and my son is EFMP. The only good thing I can say about this place is that my hubby has a set up schedule so he's home around the same time everyday and that we got housin...

Questions about Health Care on Post? - 9 years ago

I went to an appointment at the OB/GYN clinic 2 weeks ago. The doctor saw me in less than 3 minutes. He confused me w other patient and even thou I had my blood pressure a little elevated (145/96) he ...

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