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any advice appreciated......

who's talking here?

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tish --- 9 years ago -

does anyone have any ideas or product info to share in the way of hair loss, i used to have really really thick hair and like with most women after i had my children i started losing most of hair, but now i am starting to worry because i can see my scalp now and also got the receding hairline thing going on......i've tried nioxin products, the chi stuff, vitamins off the walmart and walgreen shelves, also the ones that came with the nioxin, and still no luck, starting to get desperate....... 

Pr3c!05@ --- 9 years ago -

Hi Tish, The same thing happened to me after I gave birth to my son. It was really odd because while I was pregnant it grew really fast and thick but a few months after giving birth it stared to fall out really bad especially around the temples. The doc said that it could be the hormonal change, change in the diet (you know the crazy stuff one eats when pregnant) and stress from the new baby. Well, that really didn't help. I did some research online and found that Biotin is the best thing to strengthen and help your hair grow. I buy the one they have at wal-mart for $8 and it really does. Also, I cut my hair really short to get rid of all the damage and weak hair. I do, oil treatments and deep conditioning once a week and let it air dry; heat from the blow dryer, flat iron and things like that can really damage your hair. If it's really bad, I would talk to a doctor about it; it may be something with your folicles not getting enough protein and he might be able to prescribe something for it. I hope any of this helps. :D 

tish --- 9 years ago -

just went and bought some biotin today, wish me luck!!!!!! 

Sherry --- 9 years ago -

Yes, Biotin is wonderful and also u should take a very good calcium. If the Biotin and calcium are not enough, look for a good hair vitamin at the health food store that has amino acids, biotin, msm and so on. Those are great ingredients for hair loss. Also, an herb named Fo-ti is very good for thinning hair. I used to work with health foods for over 15 yrs so I have experience in the field. How this helps 

Amber --- 9 years ago -

Have you thought of taking pre-natal vitamins? My mom takes them and she is WELL past child bearing years! It has really made her hair full and soft. I was a swimmer for 4 years and it messed up my hair bad. SO I can def relate. I would def give the biotin a try. I have heard good things. 

heather --- 9 years ago -

I was sicka few years back and lost a lot of my hair. I found this shampoo and conditioner called F.a.s.t. and my hair grew about 6 inches in about 6 months. The only problem with it tho is its very pricey. But it worked for me. 

tish --- 7 years ago -

so i know it's been awhile, i did want to share tat i got tested for my hair, it is hereditary..... : ( what this means is i will probably go bald eventually. i'm choking up as i type this because when the dr said that it was like a light bulb moment, ALL my aunts, even my mom have VERY THIN hair, to the point to where you can see their scalps. they however live in mexico and it is custom that older women wear lace shawls or sort of like a wide scarf over their heads, so its not noticeable when they go out in public. i did start the biotin, have been on it over a year but also in combination with that i do continue to use nioxin (i'm faithful to it) and then dr rx'd rogaine. much to my disgust when i went for my yearly chk up this month, my ob/gyn dr got on to me, she was very irked that the dr prescribed me that when i am still of child-bearing age/status. she said that is so dangerous to take to get off immediately because if i were to get pregnant it would cause birth defects. i cried, because for once i noticed it was starting to get better. now since i've stopped the rogaine, its thinning again. anyways, i wanted to share with anyone having this problem, always good to share with eachother for the "just incase" hope all is well with you guys and i hope you had a Merry Christmas and wish you all many blessings for the New Year to come! 

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