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I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-02, 14 years ago.

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Ahhhhhhh yes, the pups.....don't even get me started, that subject just really works me up, lol, but yes I am on the same boat you are Shelley S. I didn't realize it was the same people posting but I ...


What is it with people posting items and putting NO price and just listing an item for "obo" or "best offer" then if you do contact them on a price, they more than likely get offended. I try really ha...

Info on commute from Sterling to Fort Sill? - 11 years ago

RC2012, i live in elgin which is about 10 min or so west of sterling. have you searched in fletcher as well? nothing bad on sterling, was just giving you more far as the commute, no its...

Excessive Flagging - 11 years ago

hey brooke! or atleast i think its you??? i will tell you what i did notice as soon as you started posting again.....all the other cake people did too. just like last time with whats her name? i'm n...

TAXES ARE BEING DELAYED IF FILED 1/17 THREW 1/24 2012 - 11 years ago

yes i heard that too, my co-workers' daughter n law paid the extra to get them back faster, well almost two weeks went by and nothing until today. one lady that came in to my workplace made mention o...

any advice appreciated...... - 11 years ago

so i know it's been awhile, i did want to share tat i got tested for my hair, it is hereditary..... : ( what this means is i will probably go bald eventually. i'm choking up as i type this because wh...


******UPDATE***** So i waited until black friday, bought the 40 dollar touch screen motorola for straight talk, and i must say i am very pleased thus far. i DO get reception h...

Do People really BUY coupons from other people?? - 11 years ago

MJ, yeah there has been lots of drama, but boy o boy seems like someone is always complaining about something. I think i have something to say when I come on the site each time, but I don't go and pos...

Free Low Flow Shower Heads.... - 11 years ago

thanks Shelley! I requested mine today! I LOVE FREEBIES!

Dish/Direct tv?? - 11 years ago

Jess, we have Dish too, i just moved here too, and we like them pretty well, we haven't lost signal yet and we have had some pretty strong winds where i live at here lately......(cross fingers)

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